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Welcome to the Programs Area

This part of the LINGUIST List site is designed to provide information about programs in linguistics and programs leading to degrees in related fields.

LINGUIST currently has #getprogramcount.recordcount# linguistics and linguistics-related programs in its database. Like the rest of the information on the LINGUIST site, linguistics programs are classified by linguistic subfield and subject language. In the case of programs, such a classification means that the program has strengths in a particular subfield or language. The system is designed to help students and faculty find programs that specialize in particular languages or fields of study. From this page, you can:

#Sunlink("","Browse our listings")# Browse our Linguistics Programs by country.
#Sunlink("","Add Programs")# Add information about your linguistic program.
#Sunlink("","Update Programs")# Update information about your linguistic program.
#Sunlink("","Search")# Search our Linguistic Programs by name, region, keyword, language specialty, or linguistic subfield.

We do not yet have complete descriptive information on all the programs in our database. So we urge you to check whether the information on your program is complete and to update it, as needed.

If you are the first person to provide information on your program, we will ask you to establish a program password, preferably one that anyone associated with your program would know.