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Memories from the 2003 Workshop


Memorable Remarks...

  There's a lot of work out there on ontologies ... maybe 3 or 4 projects. (Will & Scott)

Mining is extracting something of value from a baser substance, e.g. gold from the earth, or GOLD from linguistics. (Will & Scott)

There's a spider in Google's back end. (Will & Scott)

Our goal is inter-theoreticality. In linguistics, there is no such thing as theory neutrality. (Sebastian Drude)

So, Dafydd, it was a chicken and Ega problem? (Doug)

You can spread your intellectual butter thick or thin. (Dafydd)

Linguists are only smart about linguistics. (Dafydd)

I was thinking of skipping that slide anyway... (Gary)

There's a terminology conflict within our own paper.

Doug Whalen: We discovered that we didn't know a lot of things, so we started to make them up. (Terry & Scott)

We didn't have a speaker of an endangered language, so we had to invent one ... (Helen)

I was on a limited budget. I wanted the best practice no money could buy. (Robert)

On Data Conversion: "Don't convert" (Chilin)

On Sound Alignment: "I solved the problem by clapping"(Sebastian)

On Good Practice vs. Best Practice: "Shall we recommend condoms or abstinence?" (Mike)

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