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Software Tools

This section contains a small database of software tools that have been used, classified and reviewed by linguists.

For information on choosing appropriate software tools see the Choosing Software page.

To view software, choose the types you wish to view below.

  • Audio Editing/Conversion (22)
  • Comparative Linguistics (4)
  • Concordancing (9)
  • Corpora (13)
  • Lexicon Management (35)
  • Tagging (21)
  • Text Editing (29)
  • Transcribing (28)
  • Video/Audio Aligning (7)
  • Video Editing/Conversion (6)

If you know of a Software tool that you think would be of interest to linguists, please enter its name below and hit Add Software.

Finally, if you notice that any of our information on a software tool is outdated, please send us an email and we'll update the database.

The content of this page was developed following the recommendations of Resource Transcription and Annotation working group.


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