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  Various citation formats have been recommended for the citing of online resources. Currently, the discipline of linguistics does not seem to have reached a consensus about the best format. However, the following examples and websites may be helpful.

  Cohen, Elizabeth. 2001. Preservation of audio. Folk heritage collections in crisis. Washington, DC: Council on Library and Information Resources and the Library of Congress. Online:

DCMI. 1999. Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, version 1.1: Reference description. Online:

- These citation formats are taken from Seven Dimensions of Portability for Language Documentation and Description, Steven Bird & Gary Simons, published in Language vol 79, number 3, September 2003.

  APA Style
  Endangered Data vs Enduring Practice: Creating Linguistic Resources That Last. (2004). E-MELD Website. Retrieved March 10, 2004, from

LINGUIST List Issue 15.812. (2004). The LINGUIST List. Retrieved March 10, 2004, from

- These citation formats are based on the APA style, for more information visit the APA website.

  Some helpful websites
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